Creating Pause: Reset - Fostering Connection Through Dance



D'Arcy, Shaun B

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The thesis project, Pause: Reset, was an outdoor dance event that took place at the A. Linwood Holton, Jr. Plaza at George Mason University’s Fairfax campus on April 22, 2021. The 25-minute work was the culmination of research on the topic of social connection and its impact on health and well-being. Developed during the global pandemic Covid-19 in collaboration with the cast of eight George Mason University School of Dance majors, Pause: Reset arose in response to the unprecedented events of 2020. Though the study’s principle focus was navigating a community centered choreographic process during Covid-19, other factors that influenced the work included the United States presidential election, national efforts to dismantle racism and more, as well as the personal experiences of the cast and choreographer. The project involved several months of ongoing dialogue and movement research leading to a site-specific work aimed at portraying the resilient nature of the human spirit and the power of connection in times of collective uncertainty and challenge.



Dance, Social connection, Community building, Dance during COVID-19