A Human Like the Rest of Us




Morris Lakes, Elizabeth Deanna

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In this book-length collection of poetry divided into two sections, I explore the catalyst and impetus and then the aftermath of violence on the human body and mind. In the first section of the manuscript, Ashley Sugarnotch & the Wolf, I utilize two speakers, named in the title, whose narratives push and pull toward what they both believe to be an inevitable end: Ashley’s death. These poems also utilize the folkloric understanding of the wolf and the chased girl. In the second section, The Rest of Us, I explore the consequences that these violences have on the people left behind. These poems focus on real events and people, who lived along the Susquehanna River in central Pennsylvania. Images of the river also infuse this section, using the beauty and brutality of nature to balance the rest of the text.


This work was embargoed by the author and will not be publicly available until April 2020.


Poetry, Trauma, Fairy tales, Violence, Myth, Pennsylvania