The complete mitochondrial genome of the Indochinese jackal (Canis aureus cruesemanni) and its relationship to other subspecies of golden jackal




Sosale, Medhini S.
Songsasen, Nucharin
Ibis, Osman
Edwards, Cody
Figueiró, Henrique V.
Koepfli, Klaus-Peter

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The Indochinese jackal (Canis aureus cruesemanni) is a subspecies of the golden jackal (Canis aureus) found in Southeast Asia. While this species has been genetically studied in Europe, the Middle East, and India, current research is lacking on the population(s) in Southeast Asia. Using a genome skimming approach, we assembled the first complete mitochondrial genome for an Indochinese jackal from Thailand. The annotated mitogenome contained 37 genes and is 16,729 bps in length. Phylogenetic analysis with 21 additional canid mitogenomes, along with analyses of a cytochrome b gene-only data set, supports the Indochinese jackal as a distinct lineage, and therefore subspecies, among golden jackals.


This is a preprint of an article that was published in Gene, Volume 866, on May 25, 2023: A corrigendum was issued to correct errors in the article:


Golden jackal, Mitochondrial DNA, Subspecies