Water Quality in a Suburban Stormwater Pond: A Continuous Monitoring Study



Davis, Jacqueline

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Stormwater ponds are often assumed to be well-mixed reactors. To better understand the water quality of stormwater ponds, the seasonal and diel water quality patterns of the Potomac Science Center stormwater pond were discerned using weekly depth profiles, continuous monitors, light profiles, and local weather stations from July through October of 2020. Water samples were also collected for analysis of total suspended solids, in situ chlorophyll a, and phytoplankton taxa. Results indicated the pond experienced summer stratification driven by air temperature and solar radiation. For the period July 24 through August 29, biological processes drove the water quality of the pond's 10-day stable periods, which were disrupted by three mixing events. No surface HABs were observed, but the lower layers of the pond experienced hypoxia and a HAB. Ultimately, the pond performs its intended function: to allow the settling of organic matter to the bottom layers so the surface waters maintain good water quality.



Continuous monitoring, Water quality, Harmful algal blooms, Stormwater pond, Environmental management, Phytoplankton