The Determination, Quantification, and Analysis of Organic Nitrogen Compounds in Alaskan North Slope Diesel




Le, Hien

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This study investigated a high nitrogen diesel fuel, which was derived from Alaskan North Slope oil. The purpose was to quantify the organonitrogen component distribution by using two methods: mild acid extraction and silica gel adsorption. The organonitrogen compounds of the Alaskan diesel fuel were isolated and analyzed. After the isolation process, three extracts were produced: a basic nitrogen extract (BNC) in methylene chloride, a nonbasic nitrogen extract (NBNC) in methylene chloride, and a NBNC in methanol. These extracts were studied by identifying the major constituents in each extract, which affect the fuel stability, using the GC/MS. Results from our laboratory indicated that alkyl substituted quinolines were the dominant class of compounds in all three extracts. In the BNC extract, there were two major functional groups present: pyrazines at 22.37%, and indole at 7.74%. In the NBNC/CH3Cl extract, alkylated pyrroles and carbazoles dominated with 37.25% and 15.8%, respectively. Lastly, in the NBNC/ CH3OH extract, carbazoles at 8.23% and pyrroles at 29.6% prevailed.



Organonitrogen compounds, GC/MS, Alaskan North Slope Diesel, Acid extraction, Silica gel adsorption, Quinolines