Assisting College Students with Learning Disabilities by Evaluating Community College Student Development Courses




Turnberger, Salome

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This study examined syllabi for student development courses offered at the 23 main community colleges with 40 branch campuses of the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to determine content and structure relevant to the needs of students with learning disabilities. This dissertation was qualitative with its case study methodology while quantitative in its content analysis. The researcher’s content analysis of the student development 100, 101, and, 108 course syllabi used a 22-point matrix, and concluded with recommendations for community colleges, instructors and student development course syllabi to best serve the academic needs of students with learning disabilities. This project indicated the importance of the student orientation course to students with learning disabilities, and concurs with scholars that both topics – orientation courses and meeting the needs of college students with learning disabilities – require further attention and research in order to gather information pertinent to developing the college curriculum while assisting special needs students achieve academic success at community colleges.



Learning Disabilities, Community College, Orientation course, Student development, Syllabus writing