The Practice of Reflection in the Field of Peacebuilding



Selwan, Nina

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The study explores the meaning and practice of reflection among peacebuilding professionals. Although originally it intended to focus on the concept of reflexivity and the benefits of incorporating it into practice, the data collected revealed the conflation of reflexivity with other types of reflection, including instrumental, critical, intuitive, contemplative, existential, spiritual, and physical aspects of it. The lack of conceptual and methodological clarity was apparent in the literature reviewed as well. Moreover, the data analysis revealed a correlation between the type of practice and the type of reflection practiced, with analytical types of work relying primarily on analytical reflection and direct engagement with clients relying primarily on integrative types of reflection. This finding suggested a multi-level conceptual framework of reflective practice that can be thought of as composite lenses comprised of reflexive, critical, and technical layers that converge analytical and embodied feedback and are temporally embedded. The framework, in turn, suggested a range of practical implications for peacebuilding training and self-care for practitioners.



Reflective practice, Reflection, Critical reflection, Reflexivity