Newspaper Column: Reston Governance by Referendum?




Nicoson, William J.

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Reston Times


The election stump-shouting is over. The campaign squads at grocery stores are gone. Candidates’ flyers are relegated to history’s ashcan. Reston Association’s counting agent closed down receipt of ballots by post and internet last Friday. Three of the six candidates will be installed as directors of RA next Tuesday. Will it matter which three? Yes, but not on one burning issue. All the candidates supported calling a referendum of RA’s members to vote on winterizing and renovating the existing structure at the Nature Center to permit educational programs throughout the year. Projected costs will run to some $636,000 to be raised by a nonprofit affiliate, Friends of Reston for Community Projects, which kicked off its fundraising campaign last Wednesday.


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Reston (Va.), Reston (VA) Association (RA), Board of Directors (Reston Association), Reston (VA) Nature Center