Exploring Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES) Teachers' Attitudes and Perceptions About Assessment and Assessment Practices in the Elementary World Language Classroom




Corretjer, Olga Ivonne

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In the past 25 years, assessment in foreign/world language (FL/WL) education has acquired new relevance in the US as well as worldwide, as the WL community focuses on student performance based on standards, proficiency, and communicative language learning. Specifically, classroom assessment practices are of special interest since they provide a more suitable assessment method for young language learners (1st – 8th grades). Equally, research on classroom assessment has suggested that the assessments best suited to guide improvement in student learning are the ones that teachers administer in their classrooms, because they offer immediate diagnostic feedback to both teacher and learner, and tend to enhance student motivation. Research on teacher beliefs implies the strong influence these might have on the educational choices teachers make in their classrooms, including their assessment practices.



Foreign language education, Elementary education, Educational tests & measurements, Assessment, Assessment practices, Foreign language education, Foreign language in the elementary school (FLES), Perceptions of assessment, Teachers' beliefs