Computational Membrane Model Using Finite Element Method for Flexible-Wing Based Micro Air Vehicles




Garrity, Michael J.

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Current designs for Micro Air Vehicles (MAVs) consist of a flexible wing with rigid battens for support. This paper analyzes the development and evaluation of strain on the membrane from various constitutive models used for the flexible-wing-based MAVs. A dependable accurate prediction of its aerodynamic performance requires efficient modeling techniques. In this work, a new C++ code has been developed to simulate the computational membrane methodology described in this thesis. Our computational model of the membrane incorporates a finite element analysis that uses Principle of Virtual Work. We develop and implement a computational algorithm to understand the mechanics of a thin “rubber-like” membrane material of the wing. We also study the performance of the method with different constitutive models. The overall objective in our model is to solve for the deflection of the deformed membrane.



Membrane, MAV, Flexible, Hyperelasticity, Model, C++