Bridge Programs: The Narrative of Successful Completion for First-Generation Students



Duffey, Amber

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This study was completed in order to look at the barriers at a Mid-Atlantic large four-year institution for first-generation students who completed a summer bridge program. The purpose of this study was to explore any barriers that might exist for these students. Through the narratives of these students’ experiences, it was found that the bridge program created a holistic experience for them. Based on their description, their success was due in large part to the program and the administrators supporting them from their entrance at the institution to their exit. In these interviews, the students reflected on their experience at the institution and were incredibly grateful for the opportunities they had been given. These students had received their undergraduate degrees and were a bit nervous and worried about the next step, but had no doubts that they had been able to complete their last step because of the participation in the summer bridge program



First generation, Bridge program, Summer bridge program, Social reproduction theory, Access to higher education, Narrative of completion