An Investigation of the Relationship between Vulnerable Populations and Hazard Casualties in Warning Dissemination Coverage Gaps




Haynes, Aisha C

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Many meteorological hazards that occur can be forecast, which allows the population to be warned. The number of warnings that a person receives from different sources play a role in whether an adaptive response is taken. Weather hazard information is communicated via a number of technologies in a variety of ways. The technologies that offer the most promise for reaching all populations are television, radio, phones, the internet, and outdoor sirens/loudspeakers. Whereas these technologies are beneficial in warning the populace, there are several limitations that can hinder a person from getting a warning from these sources. Additionally, people with less accessibility to the latest technologies tend to also be among those most vulnerable to the effects of natural hazards.



Geography, Meteorology, Communication, Casualties, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Hazards, Risk Communication, Social Vulnerability, Tornado warnings