The Sound and Sense of Leaves




Close, Laura L.

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This thesis finds a means of unique operation through the use of some rarer vocabulary found in the Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words so that any readers of this manuscript would in fact find some edification in the reading on not only a technical level but also an inspirational one--as Bach was known to write many such inspirations, i.e. etudes, for students of the Clavier, for instance, but which are still considered aesthetically pleasing in their own right. This collection also contains a handful of classic forms, i.e. the sonnet, rondel, acrostic, etc., and is made up of contemporary, individualized rhythms, rhyme, hyper and hypotactic grammatical texturing. Although elements of confession and autobiography are a necessary part of the endeavor, the work in its complete form should not found to be too general as to provoke monotony, or boredom. Philosophy, history, and an otherwise multidisciplinary approach towards the thematic content must work together to create interest therefore. The writer directly addresses the audience and asks the reader to question the nature of things and the natural world, the outer and inner workings of the universe.



Poetry, Acrostics, Alphabetic verse, Oxford Dictionary of Difficult Words, Sonnet, Rondel