Generating and Visualizing Summarizations of Surveillance Videos




Puletic, Dusan

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This thesis describes a method for efficient summarization of long surveillance videos. The method consists of four phases: ground plane calibration, detection and tracking of scene objects, extracting information about objects in the scene, generating and visualizing the summarizations. The method assumes a static camera. Both extrinsic parameters— 3D position and orientation, and intrinsic parameters—focal length, principal point, lens distortion of the camera are unknown. Ground plane calibration is achieved by computing a homography [1] between the scene and corresponding location in Google Earth. Detection and tracking are based on techniques described in [2,3]. Planar homography and single view metrology [4, 5] are used to calculate widths, heights, position and speed of objects in the scene. The method generates video summarization for video sequence by choosing a single image of each tracked object and overlaying it on the background image. The method chooses images of tracked objects in a way to minimize the overlap between them. For each tracked object its trajectory is shown as a sequence of vectors corresponding to object motion between successive frames. The method generates video synopsis—a summary of all activity for specified period of time. Since speeds and sizes of objects are calculated, the method also generates sequences using various combinations of object properties.



Summarization, Tracking, Surveillance, Extracting 3D information, Visualization, Ground plane calibration