Diaspora Nationalism: How the Bosnian Diaspora in the United States Engages in Home Politics



Avramović, Ivan

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Since the end of the conflict in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) in 1995, much has been done to reconcile the ethnic tensions within the boundaries of the country. Less attention has been paid to Bosnian citizens living in the United States and how these individuals interact with one another as well as participate in their home political system. The purpose of this project is to look at diaspora involvement of Bosnian citizens aged 18-26 living in the United States in Bosnian home politics in terms of voting in home elections and fundraising. Additionally, this project looks at how the three main ethnic groups of BiH (Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs) interact with one another in the United States to see if tensions that are present in BiH are present within the young diaspora population in the United States. What makes this population interesting is the fact that none of them had firsthand experiences of the war, so any tensions that may be present come indirectly from family members, the media space, and politicians.



Diaspora, Bosnian migration, Bosnian diaspora, Political engagement