The Sleep of Reason



Kirkpatrick, Jesse

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20-year-old Marion Merriweather lives with her aunt, uncle, and self-important cousin in Camden, Massachusetts. A decade ago, a disastrous family camping trip left her mother missing and her father committed to a private clinic. She has largely blocked this from her memory and, in her last year of undergraduate work, applied to the medical school at Camden College. After visiting her father, she comes home to a rejection letter, barbs from her cousin, and late that night, a shadowy creature tries to suffocate her in bed. Is it just a nightmare, or something more? In this Depression-era mystery/horror story, a smart, courageous young woman tries to save her family and herself.


This thesis has been embargoed for 10 years and will not be available until August 2030 at the earliest.


Fiction, Mystery, Horror, Depression, 1930s