Newspaper Column: Long Live the President




Nicoson, William J.

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Senator Charles Robb improved on the priorities of the Queen of Hearts last week by issuing his first statement on the impeachment of President Clinton. Before hearing witnesses, he voted to dismiss the case because, in his words, “the factual, legal and constitutional standard for removal of a President was not met.” In other words, verdict first – evidence afterwards.Our other Senator, John Warner, voted against dismissal before hearing evidence, saying only that “the work of the Senate should not be circumvented midway through.” He has reserved decision whether to vote to convict or acquit the president, but earlier comments seemed to question sufficiency of the evidence then available. Both senators have taken an oath to render “impartial” justice in deciding whether President Clinton honored his own oath to uphold the Constitutional mandate that “the laws be faithfully executed.”


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Clinton, William J. (William Jefferson), 1946-, Impeachment, Robb, Charles S., Warner, John (U.S. Senator)