Automated Electrochemistry for Measuring the Temperature Dependence of Various Cell Parameters via A Custom Built Microcontroller-Based Potentiostat


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A $70 microcontroller based potentiostat with a temperature probe was designed, fabricated, and tested. The potentiostat was programmed to automatically repeat chronoamperometric experiments on a solution of potassium ferricyanide in potassium chloride at different temperatures under both kinetic and diffusion controlled conditions. Under kinetic control, the system proved to be quasi-reversible. Cottrellian behavior was observed under diffusion control. Currents due to the formation of an electric double layer were found to follow a power law. The temperature dependence of the heterogeneous rate constant, diffusion coefficient, double layer capacitance, and surface excess were all measured. From this data, the ionic mobility, activation energy and frequency factor for diffusion and heterogeneous electron transfer were all measured.