Sully: The Life & Times of Sully




Ferrell, Linden

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Sully Plantation is a little historic site that is located very close to the Washington D.C. area. Situated right in Chantilly and next to the Dulles Airport, this site is a perfect place to visit. There are nice, light and easy hiking trails that offer a great view of the plantation. Even though it is a lesser known site, it is important nonetheless! This site is intriguing because of its rich history about not only the families that lived there, but the slaves that worked on the property. The property has undergone many changes as its purpose differed for every owner. However, upon entering this site, the focus will be on the Richard Bland Lee Period (1787-1811) and comparing the lives of both slaves and owners.


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Chantilly (Va.), Lee, Richard Bland, 1761-1827, Slavery, Plantations


Ferrell, Linden. Sully: The Life & Times of Sully, accessed September 01, 2016.