The Astronaut of Willendorf (Beginning Chapters)



Ross, Alison

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This thesis contains the beginnings of a creative fiction novel. Astronaut and engineer Maria de la Cruz should have listened to her gut feeling when a shady billionaire convinced her to join the crew of his personally funded mission to the planet Venus. Now she’s been abandoned by a less than competent and treacherous crew, with limited resources and PTSD. Can she survive long enough to send an SOS to humanity? But that’s only half the story. Occasional corporate infiltrator, one-time lobbyist, and sometimes fixer Amber Gray is haunted by the last conversation she had with her long term on-again, off-again girlfriend before she was supposedly killed in a spaceflight accident. Proving a conspiracy is only the first step – can she convince the world to spend billions of dollars and more than 15 minutes of attention on one human being? What odds are more impossible – the unyielding laws of space or getting humanity to do the right thing?



Creative fiction, Science fiction, Venus, Sci-fi