The Relationship Between Rap Music and the Psychological Well-Being of African American Adolescents




Camp, Tony Lee

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The attitudes and perceptions of adolescents about music have been investigated by researchers and educators for years, which has implications on how they view life circumstances. This qualitative study explored the relationship between rap music and the psychological well-being of fourteen African American adolescents. The research setting was in a mentoring program in a major metropolitan city in the Mid-Atlantic region. The research questions for the study included: (1) What relationship does rap music have to the psychological well-being of adolescents? (2) What are the attitude and perception of African American adolescents about rap music? (3) What function does rap music serve in the lives of African American adolescents? (4) What type of rap music songs promote psychological support for African American adolescents?



Counseling psychology, Music, Education, Adolescents, African American, Psychological Well-Being, Rap Music