Examining Coaching Efficacy among Youth Recreational Baseball Coaches




Murray, Mark

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The purpose of the present study was to examine coaching efficacy among youth recreational baseball coaches. Studies have been conducted focusing on coaching efficacy with university or elite level coaches, but none specifically on youth recreational baseball coaches. An instrument created on SurveyMonkey.com comprising the Coaching Efficacy Scale, socio-demographic, and experiential questions was sent via email to members of the Virginia Baseball Club to collect data on youth recreational coaches in Northern Virginia. Sixty-one coaches fully responded (N=61) to the survey. It was found that there was a significant difference among age groups and years of coaching experience with regard to Game Strategy and Technique Efficacy. Further, youth coaches were found to take pride in their position as evidenced by the amount of time spent and resources used for coaching. Those responding defined their success as a coach in terms of devloping the players, ensuring they have fun, and making sure they countinue playing baseball. Win percentage was also found to be significantly correlated with Motivational Efficacy and Total Coaching Efficacy. Results of this study can be used by youth baseball leagues to modify and improve their coach training programs, and by coaches as a resource for viewing their strengths and weaknesses in their youth coaching endeavors.



Coaching efficacy, Youth baseball, Youth sports, Youth sport coaching