Newspaper Column: Will RA Decline to Support Reston's Heritage?




Nicoson, William J.

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Reston Times


What attracts home buyers to Reston? What offers homeowners in Reston a community experience they will never find elsewhere? What makes Reston home buyers confident of appreciation in the value of their investment? It is the combined planning and architectural excellence of the community which is epitomized in the lakefront design of Lake Anne Plaza. Once again a debate has been unleashed concerning community-wide support for the upkeep of Washington Plaza at Lake Anne. In an informal meeting of board members of Reston Association on October 27th most directors indicated opposition to a budget item of $30,000 over two years to assist Lake Anne of Reston, a Condominium, in maintaining the Plaza.


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Reston (Va.), Reston (VA) Association (RA), Reston (VA) Historic Trust, Reston (VA) Storefront Museum