Undergraduate Male Engagement in Service-Learning and Socially Responsible Leadership



Wright, Kristen

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This study was completed in order to gain a better understanding of the way undergraduate male students experience service-learning and how that experience does, or does not, contribute to the development of socially responsible leadership behaviors. The narratives of the individual student experiences and theoretical grounding with Astin’s Inputs, Environments, and Outcomes Model and the Social Change Model as theoretical frameworks, led to promising findings on the relationship between undergraduate male engagement in service and student identity development, understanding of difference, leadership development, and long-term social responsibility. Over the course of the interviews, students shared the experiences they had through service-learning, as well as the barriers they had to overcome to participate in servicelearning courses, which informed the creation of a new model that illustrates the way undergraduate students interact with service-learning.



Service-learning, Leadership, Social responsibility, Community service