The Other Mountain Dance: Clogging Traditions Outside Appalachia After 1970




Slade, Amy

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Although Appalachian clogging has been studied and explored in depth with regards to early history and supposed beginnings of the dance form, little has been done to consider the spread of clogging to areas outside of the Appalachian region of the United States. In investigating the more recent movement of clogging to states like Utah, as well as the current styles and forms of clogging, I explore how dancers today negotiate changing ideas about tradition, identity, and community. I show that this uniquely American dance form continues to develop and change in similar patterns to its initial evolution. I argue that the footwork, movement styles, costuming, shoes, music, performance and competition involved in clogging today is a manifestation of how individuals use heritage and tradition to form an identity and create a community. Past and present Appalachian clogging practice is a reflection of how tradition is both a resource and a process.



Appalachian folklore, Clog dance, Folk dance, Tradition, Clogging