Tutoring Strategies, Cultural/Linguistic Negotiations, and Relationship in an ESL Opt-In Program in the George Mason University Writing Center



Russell, Alisa L

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The George Mason University Writing Center offers enrollment tutoring, called the ESL Opt-In Program, which allows multilingual writers to enroll in semester-long collections of weekly sessions with a single tutor; however, our lack of knowledge about what actually transpired in these sessions meant our ability to prepare or evaluate this program relied mostly on presumptions. Therefore, this study presents case studies involving interviews and session observations for two tutor-tutee pairs through one semester. The findings describe the tutoring strategies, cultural/linguistic negotiations, and relationships that transpired in these semester-long collections of weekly sessions, which ultimately provided space and consistency for multilingual writers to successfully engage in adaptive transfer. These findings provide a foundational understanding of enrollment tutoring in order to further explore the effectiveness of this kind of long-term, consistent tutoring program.



Writing centers, Writing tutoring, Writing pedagogy, Long-term tutoring, Multilingual writers