"Essays on Complexity," August 1997




Warfield, John

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A compilation of twenty-one essays dealing with complexity. The collection is broken up into three parts: 1988-1994 Essays on Complexity, 1995-1996 Essays on Complexity, and 1997 Essays on Complexity. Each section contains seven essays and has its own preface and index. Each essay is preceded by an abstract. John N. Warfield Collection 36.30


Spiral-bound typescript volume with tables, graphics, figures, and diagrams. 529 pgs. 8.5" x 11" (21.6 cm x 29.7 cm)


Warfield, John N., Complexity, Aristotle, Brainwriting (Ideawriting), Center for Interactive Management (CIM), Clanthink, DELTA charts, Consensus Methodologies, Demosophia, Design methodology, Design Science, Design theory, Domain of Science Model, Flow chart, George Mason University, Generic Design, Groupthink, Institute for Advanced Study in the Integrative Sciences (IASIS), Institute for Information Technology (IIT), Interactive Management (IM), Interpretive Structural Modeling (ISM), Nominal Group Technique (NGT), Options Profile Method, Problematique, Science of Design, Science of Generic Design, Spreadthink, Science of Complexity, Technomyopia, Work Program of Complexity (WPOC), Universal Priors to Science, 1988-1994 Essays on Complexity, 1995-1996 Essays on Complexity, Laws of Complexity, 1997 Essays on Complexity