Extreme and intense precipitation




Roca, Rémy
Masunaga, Hirohiko
Alexander, Lisa

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World Climate Research Programme


The availability of numerous gridded precipitation products and the importance of the question of extreme precipitation have led to a number of new findings. Over land, this intercomparison generally emphasizes that global space-based precipitation products show the potential for climate-scale analyses of extremes to serve as a complementary source to in situ gridded data, while reanalysis should be used with caution. Over the ocean, the spread among the products of extreme intensity is larger than over land. The global characteristics of the representation of precipitation extremes are found at the regional scale as well. Yet, the magnitude and the behavior among the products show significant regional disparities that are more and more carefully documented in the literature. With these caveats, the new generation of satellite products are successfully used for process-oriented studies and climate models evaluation.


DOI: 10.13021/gewex.precip.2.5


Extreme precipitation, Precipitation processes, Climate model evaluation


Roca, R., H. Masunaga, and L. Alexander, 2021: Extreme and intense precipitation, in The Joint IPWG/GEWEX Precipitation Assessment (ed. R. Roca), WCRP Report 2/2021, World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), Geneva, Switzerland.