Intelligent tutoring systems: An ontology-based approach




Oguejiofor, Emeka
Kicinger, Rafal P.
Popovici, Elena
Arciszewski, Tomasz
De Jong, Kenneth A.

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A novel methodology for building tutoring system is proposed. It includes the integration of state of the art computer science methods and tools and the use of an ontology for the core knowledge representation. First, the paper presents the ongoing Information Technology revolution in engineering and the related paradigm changes in education. Next, an overview of the concept of an ontology and its various definitions are provided, along with available ontology development tools. In the following section, an architecture of an ontology-based tutoring system is proposed. As a proof of concept, the proposed architecture has been used in GMU Educator, an intelligent tutoring system developed at George Mason University in the School of Information Technology and Engineering. A detailed description of the GMU Educator is then presented with various examples. Finally, conclusions and plans for further research are provided in the last section of the paper.




Oguejiofor, E., Kicinger, R., Popovici, E., Arciszewski, T., and De Jong, K. A. (2004). "Intelligent tutoring systems: an ontology-based approach." International Journal of IT in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, 2(2), 115-128.