Newspaper Column: Transit Jazz and Midday Blues




Nicoson, William J.

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The Connection


Next Sunday the world may not be turning faster, but people living or working in Herndon and Reston will be able to move to and from Tysons Corner and D.C. faster than ever before. On Sunday, the Monroe Street Park & Ride opens at last, making available 1,745 free parking spaces for bus passengers. Simultaneously a new, amplified bus schedule goes into effect, including express service from Herndon-Reston to Tysons Corner. Bus service in the Dulles Corridor will more than double. Feeder routes in Reston and Herndon will be expanded, and so will reverse commute service, bringing employees west to Reston and Herndon business centers early in the day and returning them late in the day. If Tysons Corner has surpassed D.C. in employment, Reston-Herndon is closing rapidly.


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Metrorail, Dulles (VA) corridor, Commuting, Mass transit