Structural Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Columns Subjected to Underwater Explosions



Sanders, Jacob

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This thesis presents a study on structural modeling of reinforced concrete (RC) columns subjected to underwater explosions (UNDEX). With the heightened tensions stemming from warfare as well as accidents such as gas explosions or construction overblasting, understanding of UNDEX is critical to minimizing damage to infrastructure and human lives. Previous research was motivated by defense and is still a driving factor for blast research in the current day. Physical experimentation of UNDEX is expensive and computational analysis plays an important role in analyzing structures subjected to UNDEX. Published research on the effect of UNDEX in civil engineering structures is relatively scant. This thesis provides a review of current literature concerning UNDEX effects, a proposed computational framework for assisting simulation of UNDEX effects, and a series of validation and sensitivity studies to examine a concrete material model in a finite element analysis focused on reinforced columns. First, a literature review discussing the current understanding of UNDEX phenomena and effects on concrete structures is explored with considerations towards computational methods. Then a computational framework used to analyze complex loadings in ABAQUS is discussed. Additionally, an examination of empirical pressure equations used for dynamic analysis is presented and compared with existing experimental data. Lastly, the concrete damage plasticity (CDP) model is examined with sensitivity studies conducted on its input parameters. The effect of varying CDP input parameters on maximum displacement response is outlined.



Underwater explosion, Reinforced concrete, ABAQUS, Blast load, Plain concrete, Validation studies