A Systematic Analysis of Personal Training Client Retention Rates for Sport and Health, Crystal Park




Keenan, Robert

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This project was to conduct a systematic data evaluation of all the personal training programs sold at the Crystal Park Sport and Health. The purpose of this project was to utilize information received from the evaluation to determine possible methods to increase client retention. Data collection consists of personal training programs sold between January 1st, 2013 and December 31st, 2013. The data was analyzed to determine average contract lengths of programs sold during that year. The data collected consists of the Sport and Health Crystal Park sales sheets of all contracts sold during the mentioned timeframe, client contracts and client survey. From the data obtained, it appears that January had the most contract sales, July had the highest client retention rate for contracts sold during that month, January had the most contract cancellations, and an insufficient amount of responses was received to determine the primary reason why people cancelled their contract.



Client retention, Personal training, Systematic analysis, Contract