Implications of Truth: Perspective of A Bartender




Rhodey, Amber

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This thesis is an examination of the subculture in the alternative world of a dive bar through the perspective of a female bartender. The examination includes a collection of colliding expressions between memory and experience through narrative and actual recorded images. Within an occupation of the service industry, the bartender’s perspective evolves into a repetition of transcendence. Collecting this experience and then expressing it through a punk aesthetic onto experimental film to provide evaluation, becomes an action for the search of a truth. Dive bars are containers of unspoken truths, much as the cinematic still that carries an image from a passing moment in time. Deconstructing experience from an existential perspective allows an environment cluttered in chaos to become clarified. It is through the preservation of experience that allows humanity to captures its essence.



Bartender, Existentialism, Female perspective, Experimental film, Dive bar subculture, Narrative