Intergroup Encounters: The Impact of Contact on the Relations between the Maltese and the Sub-Saharan African Migrants




Camilleri, Lynette

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This thesis studies whether contact between the Maltese and the Sub-Saharan African migrants in Malta leads to positive or negative relations between the two groups. It analyses the main features of the contact and problems encountered, and how this is impacted by the categorization of the ‘Other,’ perception of threat and policies and institutions. Moreover, the intergroup contact in the localities of Balzan and Marsa that are both home to an Open centre for migrants, were compared and contrasted. Literature concerning theories on social identity, threat perception and intergroup contact where reviewed. The study was conducted by means of 38 in-depth interviews with Maltese from the Balzan and Marsa residential areas, 18 with resident migrants in the Open centres and two former residents of the Open Centres who are now living in the community. Recommendations were made for the betterment of the intergroup contact experience between the Maltese and the Sub-Saharan African migrants in Malta.



Intergroup contact, Policy, Malta, Migrants