Beliefs and Practices Regarding Intercultural Competence among Chinese Teachers of English at a Chinese University




Tian, Jie

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The foreign/world language (FL/WL) profession has become more concerned with intercultural dimensions of language teaching and learning. Various models and theories have been suggested from both inside and outside the language education field to help teachers understand the intercultural dimensions in teaching and improve their practices regarding intercultural competence (IC) in their language classes. The development of IC in FL/WL classrooms has recently just begun to gain attention from Chinese college teachers of English as an educational innovation. However, empirical research on this topic has been minimal. The literature is also scarce on discussing how IC is viewed similarly or differently in different cultures, and particularly as they might be viewed similarly or differently in eastern and western cultures. This study therefore aims to investigate aspects of IC in English as a foreign language (EFL) classes in China and its development in instructional approaches and practices, provide empirical research based in Chinese university classrooms on the perceptions and practices of Chinese teachers of English regarding IC, examine IC in EFL classrooms from the Eastern perspective, and explore new "territory" in identifying and defining aspects of IC.



Foreign language instruction, Teacher education, Chinese Teachers of English, Foreign Language Education, Intercultural Competence, Intercultural Teaching Practices, Teachers' Intercultural Beliefs