Innovative Pedagogy: Integrated Curriculum Design for the University Functional Keyboard Skills Course




Yi, Sungsook

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the perceptions and problems of the university functional keyboard skills course for nonpiano music majors and to develop practical curricular activities to serve the primary purpose of the course based on recommendations by music education experts and scholars. The values of functional keyboard skills in musical learning and teaching have been widely investigated by many music education researchers; however, studies indicate that the overall curricular design of the university functional keyboard skills course continues to be criticized due to its lack of practical content and effective instructional approach. This study sought to develop learner-centered curricular activities in hopes of fostering in both instructors and students what particular skills should be valued, focused, and taught, and how the knowledge and skill sets can be implemented in real-life learning and teaching settings.



Music education, Curriculum development, Higher education, Class piano, College teaching, Curriculum design, Non piano music major, Piano pedagogy, University functional keyboard skills course