Comparing and Prioritizing Aircraft Requests in the Brazilian Air Force




D'Amato, Alessandro Sorgini

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Brazil is a huge country with vast natural reserves, mainly located in the Amazon region and the South Atlantic. In the last decade its economic growth and increasing importance in the global stage, have motivated Defense policies focused on the enhancement and strengthening of the Brazilian Armed Forces‘ operational capabilities. In the Brazilian Air Force (BAF), these policies are reflected mainly by the acquisition of new aircraft systems, which must be carefully selected according to the specific tasks and scenarios expected to be faced in the future. Hence, it is mandatory for the BAF to identify the required capabilities needed to accomplish the strategic objectives of the organization. The main purpose of this research is to develop a model composed of both a qualitative and a quantitative component, capable to function as a tool to compare how well different aircraft systems contribute to the accomplishment of the BAF‘s objectives and help decision makers to rank alternatives and define priorities among them.



Utility, Value focused thinking, Strategic, Air force, Value, Affinity