Newspaper Column: High Occupancy on the Toll Road




Nicoson, William J.

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Commuting home to Reston last Tuesday afternoon on the Dulles Toll Road, I was amazed at the ease in traffic flow. I was naturally driving in the fast lane, and could in fact drive fast. (Don’t ask how fast. My President has taught me never to admit my crimes.) When I expressed surprise to my wife, she stifled scorn for my obtuse delight and replied, “we’re a high-occupancy couple.” Of course! HOV privileges had been inaugurated that very day on the toll road. The fast lane was a new lane reserved during commuting hours for couples or larger clans. I saw an emblematic diamond on the lane slide rapidly under our car. The Virginia Department of Transportation had given us a Christmas gift of precious asphalt.


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Dulles Toll Road, Toll roads, High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV), Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)