Newspaper Column: Comparing Amenities and Costs




Nicoson, William J.

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The planned community of Columbia, Maryland, is closing down development at about 85,000 residents, compared to Reston’s 65,000 estimated at completion of Town Center. The Columbia Association maintains 3,100 acres of open space and 80 miles of pathways, compared to Reston Association’s 1,100 acres and 55 miles. CA operates 23 outdoor and 2 indoor swimming pools, compared to RA’s 15 outdoor and Reston Community Center’s 1 indoor. CA maintains 23 outdoor tennis courts and 6 indoor courts, compared to RA’s 49 outdoor and none indoor. CA runs 3 health and fitness clubs; RA closed its fitness club rather than invest new capital to be competitive. CA operates two 18-hole golf courses; Reston has 1 public and 1 private course, neither operated by RA. CA maintains an elaborate horse center; when the RA stables collapsed early in Reston’s history, they were never replaced.


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Reston (Va.), Columbia (MD), Amenities