Examining the New Literacies Pedagogies of Secondary English Language Arts Teachers



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This qualitative study highlights the practices of current secondary English language arts teachers who graduated from the teacher education program at George Mason University to address the following research questions: (1) To what extent and in what ways do English language arts teachers who graduated from one teacher education program that focuses heavily on New Literacies pedagogies incorporate New Literacies pedagogies into their current practice? (2) How do these teachers use digital technologies in their literacy instruction, according to their own narratives? This work is grounded in the sociocultural view that literacy is deictic and situated; modes of communication are not stagnant and vary across contexts. Data collection included an iterative series of three interviews each with seven teachers (21 interviews total). The analytical process consisted of open coding, which led to the development of categories and themes. The data indicate that teachers engage students in New Literacies pedagogies to an extent, but not necessarily with intent. Teachers also incorporate digital technologies into their teaching, though mainly in ways that are technological, rather than curricular. Finally, this research explores several ways that the teachers are enabled to and restricted from engaging students in New Literacies pedagogies. A major implication is that teacher educators need to enable future teachers to authentically integrate New Literacies pedagogies with more traditional literacy instruction. Additionally, both policymakers and administrators must work to create contexts in which teachers are treated as intellectuals, giving them the autonomy to enact New Literacies pedagogies.



Digital technology in English language arts, New Literacies, Secondary English Language Arts, Teaching and Teacher Education