Floyd E. Werle’s First Two Trumpet Concerti for Doc Severinsen: A Trumpeter’s Preparation and Performance Guide




Christensen, Curt Charles

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Chief Master Sgt. Floyd Edwards Werle was the head of the composing and arranging staff of The United States Air Force Band for thirty-two years. His lifetime output included 513 arrangements, 23 transcriptions, and more than 166 church hymns—in addition to his 280 original compositions. , Of these original compositions there are four trumpet concerti written for solo trumpet and large wind ensemble: Concerto for Trumpet, Winds & Percussion, Second Concerto for Trumpet, Concerto No. 3 for Trumpet and Band, and Concerto No. 4 for Trumpet and Band. The focus of this study is on the Concerto for Trumpet, Winds & Percussion composed in 1965 and Second Concerto for Trumpet composed in 1968. Many trumpeters are not aware of the first two trumpet concerti composed by Werle. This study heightens the trumpeter’s awareness of, inspires and promotes performance of these concerti. This is accomplished through the history of conception, analysis of harmonic and melodic languages, form, as well as how the economic creation of initial thematic material develops into the thematic and rhythmic basis of an entire concerto. Additionally, the trumpeter gains knowledge through a comprehensive, experience-based, preparation and performance guide. In addition to the lack of awareness, trumpeters may attach a stigma of difficulty to these concerti because they were composed for and dedicated to Carl Hilding “Doc” Severinsen. Analysis and subsequent performance of the concerti reveals that in fact, they are accessible to trumpeters possessing the skills required for gainful employment in the twenty-first century.



Performing arts, Concerto, Doc Severinsen, Floyd Werle, Severinsen, Trumpet, Werle