Concentration of Metals in Alzheimer’s Disease Plaques

dc.contributor.advisorFlinn, Jane M.
dc.contributor.authorPruett, John
dc.creatorPruett, John
dc.description.abstractAlzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia in the world. This study focused on the effects of how different metals added to drinking water affected the metal concentrations in the plaques. There is disagreement in the field about some of the underlying mechanisms in relation to trace metals where concern is if these trace metals are harmful or beneficial. It was hypothesized that adding trace metals to drinking water would have a significant effect on the metal concentration of the amyloid plaque. This study examined the metal concentrations in the plaques in the Tg2576 mouse brain raised on 4 different types of waters, specifically with different metals added to the water, in addition to a lab water group. Mice were raised on water treatments from 3-14 months postnatal. They were broken up into four groups reflective of the metal added to the water: 10ppm ZnCO3 (Zinc carbonate), 10ppm of ZnCO3 & 0.25ppm CuCO3 (Zinc & Copper carbonate), 10ppm of Fe(NO3)3 (Iron nitrate), and unspiked (tap) lab water. Data were collected from spectroscopes at National Synchrotron Light Source at Brookhaven National Labs using the electron beam at X27a, while analysis was conducted at George Mason University. This study found water treated with various trace metals was significantly different among zinc and iron metal levels in the amyloid plaque, but came back non-significant for copper metal. The results of this study support that the trace metals added to the drinking to Tg2576 mice does have an effect on amyloid metal concentration. There is a limited amount of research focused solely on the amyloid plaque and the effects of trace metals in drinking water. This study adds to the complex dynamic of Alzheimer’s disease by adding further the behavior of the amyloid plaque when exposed to different types of water.
dc.subjectAlzheimer's disease
dc.subjectTg2576 mouse
dc.subjectAmyloid plaque
dc.subjectTrace metals in drinking water
dc.titleConcentration of Metals in Alzheimer’s Disease Plaques
dc.typeThesis Mason University's of Arts in Psychology


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