Community Organizing Practice and Negotiation: Shared Principles and Methods




Gonzalez, Raquel

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This thesis examines areas of convergence between the principles and methods of community organizing practice and diplomatic negotiations through comparative textual analysis of the literature in both fields, interviews with diplomatic negotiators, and an online survey of community organizers. The data suggests shared theoretical principles and practical methods within the framework of a conflict resolution perspective, with emphasis on strategies, skills, and tactics. I conclude that successful diplomatic negotiation practice requires emphasis long-term relationship building and sustainable outcomes and community organizing achieves this through storytelling. Examining claims that current models of negotiation training are insufficient, I posit that community organizing training on storytelling may benefit negotiators. Further research is needed on the potential impact of community organizing training in narrative and storytelling with diplomatic negotiation training.



Community organizing, Conflict resolution, Negotiation, International negotiation, Diplomatic negotiation, Grassroots