Incorporating Human Drivers into SUMO



Modani, Aarti

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Multiple large-scale traffic simulators have been developed to represent and analyze the con- sequences of real-life traffic scenarios. These tools can be used to understand the complexity of urban traffic situations and should be used to evaluate human behavior in driver-centered simulations. Most driving simulators fail to incorporate both aspects in one model or tool. The objective of my research is to enable realistic 3-dimensional (3D) driver centric within large scale realistic traffic simulators. In order to do so, I integrated the Simulation of Urban Mobility (SUMO) simulator with the Unity 3D game engine to provide a human driver with simulated realistic traffic on chosen roads. I used the TraCI protocol to communicate between the SUMO simulator and the Unity gaming engine. The implementation of the simulation and future lines of work is presented in the thesis.



SUMO, TraCI, Simulation, Unity