Do Working Memory Capacity and Cognitive Flexibility Predict Creative Thinking and Production?




Figueroa, Ivonne Janet

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Tests of divergent and convergent thinking are the most commonly used measures of creative potential, but less clear is whether divergent and convergent thinking predict creative production. Working memory capacity and cognitive flexibility are precursors to creative thought, but it remains is unclear whether they predict creative production. The purpose of this dissertation was to uncover relationships between five constructs: working memory capacity, cognitive flexibility, divergent thinking, convergent thinking, and creative production. 214 participants were recruited from George Mason University’s psychology subject pool (SONA) and performed 15 cognitive and creative tasks. Path models were conducted in a structural equations modeling framework to help uncover any nuanced relationships between the constructs. Cognitive flexibility and working memory capacity were found to predict creative thinking processes, but not creative production. Creative thinking processes also did not predict creative production. Implications are discussed.



Cognitive psychology, Cognitive flexibility, Convergent thinking, Creative production, Creativity, Divergent thinking, Working memory capacity