Disturbing Images Bisection Timing Task in Psychopathy and Impulsive Traits


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The proposed study is designed to explore the intersection of psychopathy and impulsivity with time perception. The focus of this research was to understand the impact of disturbing images on the psychopathic population compared to the norm. Reasoning being the limited research and findings connecting psychopathy and time perception. Participants completed a Dark Triad test and the Barratt Impulsiveness scale. They then underwent a bisection timing task that presented disturbing images following will be neutral images. Results from this experiment showed no correlation between the bisection point effect and coefficient of variation effect between neutral and negative images in relation to the psychopathy results of the Dark Triad test or Barratt Impulsiveness scale. There was a positive correlation between psychopathy and impulsiveness. Lastly, there was an effect where negative faces made participants less precise than neutral faces.