Project Managment for Humanist: Preparing Future Primary Investigators




Leon, Sharon

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#alt-academy, MediaCommons


For individuals with alternative academic careers, obtaining the skill set necessary to keep collaborative projects afloat and headed in the right direction is essential. Alternative academic careers are often made or broken on the success or failure of such collaborative projects. Success can mean a path to additional funding opportunities and, sometimes, increased institutional security. Project failure can mean unemployment at the end of a term contract. Unfortunately, most people with graduate degrees in the humanities have no explicit or formal preparation in managing collaborative projects, large or small. Given this situation, as a community, alternative academics must consider more concrete methods for transmitting good project management skills and techniques to potential employees. This essay will offer some thoughts on effective project management, effective project managers, and some ways that we might transform graduate education in the humanities to convey more of these necessary skills.



Project management, Digital humanities, Graduate education


Sharon M. Leon. "Project Management for Humanists: Preparing Future Primary Investigators." #alt-acadmeny. MediaCommons, 2011.