El Niño and the Southern Oscillation in Parameterized and Super-Parameterized Coupled General Circulation Models




Nattala, Jyothi

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The explicit treatment of cloud-scale processes in a super-parameterized coupled general circulation model (SP-CGCM) is known to produce improved total heating and low-level wind variability on interannual time scales relative to a model with conventional parameterization of convection. In this study, a novel linear statistical adjustment method has been explored to introduce a state-dependent adjustment such that the dominant modes of variability in the model with the explicit treatment of clouds are captured in the conventional model. This method was applied to isolate and quantify the impact of the horizontal gradients and time evolution of the surface stress forcing of the ocean due to the interannual surface stress variability of the SP-CGCM. The usefulness of this approach in isolating the effects of equatorial and off-equatorial oceanic wave response to the interannual surface stress forcing is demonstrated.



Super-Parameterization, Wind stress forcing, Atmosphere-Ocean Interaction, ENSO Feedbacks, ENSO Peridiocity, Statistical wind stress model