Exploring the Role of Leadership in Understanding Subordinate Trait-Behavior Relationships




Jose, Irwin Justin

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The current study sought to: 1) examine the role of leadership behaviors as antecedents to subordinate Situational Strength (SS) perceptions, and 2) understand the effects of leadership behaviors on subordinate personality-behavior relationships. Specifically, the study proposed and tested a model that examines the moderating effect of leadership behaviors on subordinate personality-behavior relationships that are themselves fully mediated through subordinate SS perceptions. A sample of 976 U.S. Army Soldiers and 478 supervisors was utilized to test these relationships. Findings indicated that leader behaviors were notable antecedents to subordinate perceptions of SS. Additionally, specific leadership behaviors (idealized influence, contingent reward, and management by exception) were found to moderate subordinate personality-behavior relationships consistent with SS theory. No support was found for the complete mediated-moderation model originally proposed. Potential explanations for the observed relationships and implications for future research are discussed.



Psychology, Leadership, Performance, Personality, Situational Strength