Using Blockchain in Literary Studies



Kim, Eunice C

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This work reviews literary studies in a digital environment by exploring conversations concerning the digital humanities, then introduces the intersection of literature and blockchain technology and theory. The aim is to navigate Blockchain within the humanities, specifically literary studies and to further investigate if the application of blockchain can provide sustainable and manageable solutions for the limitations of institutional access. This thesis explores blockchain's deployment across various domains and highlights how specific characteristics of this disruptive technology can resolve issues involving trust, funding, access, and the preservation of materials in literary studies. By investigating current conversations related to blockchain and fields of study similar to literary study, I disseminate an appropriate thesis to theorize the future integrity and shortcomings of blockchain technology in literary studies. With the blend of Artificial Intelligence with blockchain technologies is to encourage the use of blockchain theology and technology for the future application in literary studies.



Blockchain, Literary studies, Digital humanities, Artificial intelligence, Access